Cold Weather Essentials

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Cold Weather Baby Essentials

Getting past cold weather in Canada can seem dull and long sometimes, having to be indoors all day. But having a baby in the house will sure brighten up your mood. Taking proper care of your child in cold weather conditions can be tricky, you most probably have a list of DOs and DON’Ts required to keep your little one warm and cozy.
At we try to help parents like you to find the most practical and useful baby outwear products at the lowest prices online in Canada. You may have heard about specialized brands like 7AM Enfant, Kushies, Perlinpimpim and some more. Browse our large selection of winter essentials like outdoor blankets, car seat covers, stroller covers, winter sleeping bags.
It may seem like you're heading out for a serious expedition, but walking through layers of snow with your baby is almost equally tiresome. Winter gear like a cozy seat liner and baby buntings made of water repellent fabrics and other layers of insulation will provide extra warmth, letting your baby snuggle in their strollers or joggers when you are on the go.
Tip: When searching for the perfect winter stroller, select one that is designed to counter rain, wind and snow, inflatable rubber wheels. This goes for backpacks and front packs as well.  Avoid snowsuits and buntings with drawstrings, and pick one with velcros and clasps. For car travels, it's best to place your munchkin comfortably in an infant car seat cover instead of bulky snowsuits and buntings, as the latter is difficult to buckle up.