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  1. Hauck Alpha Highchair
    Hauck Alpha Highchair By Hauck
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    Nuna Zaaz Highchair - Almond By Nuna
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High Chairs For Baby's Mealtime

A high chair becomes an important part of your toddler’s mealtime once they start the solid food and are able to seat alone.

High chairs are generally wooden or plastic. It should be easy to clean as children spill a lot while eating. 

Consider the following checklist when buying a highchair for your child.

  • The height of the chair should be of adequate level and should be adjustable so that the chair can be placed along with the dining table while feeding the child.
  • The safety belt that secures the child while he is made to sit should be foolproof and tight so that it does not come off easily.
  • The name and label of the manufacturer should be clearly visible on the chair, mentioning the manufacturing details in brief.
  • The product should be stable and enduring and should be able to bear the weight of the child.
  • The product should be bought only after checking necessary specifications, which should be apt for the height and weight of the child.
  • There should be no materials used in the making of the product, which may lead to choking or intoxication as children are generally insensitive and may consume something which may be harmful for them.
  • The high chair may have a baggage with it, which may help the guardian to keep a bottle of water or anything extra in it.
  • The folding mechanism of the chair should be perfect so that the chair can be carried while travelling outside the city or country with the little one.
  • If the high chair has wheels then it should have an auto-lock so that it does not move while the child is sitting and eating on it.

It is important to look after minor details when your precious one is too young to understand anything or eat anything by own.

Safety Tip: While feeding ensure you have everything around like water and baby’s napkin to make sure that the child is not left alone for a moment.